Can Your Diet Prevent You From Being Depressed?

A study has emerged that is drawing a link to a poor diet to depression. The study was published by researchers at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

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The study focused on observing young adult’s diets and their moods. The researcher used randomized controlled trials where people are put into groups and one group receives an intervention. According to National Institutes of Mental Health, the age group with the most cases of depression was adults between 18 to 25.

The group received sample meal plans and recipes, a small hamper of food items, and were reimbursed up to $60 for grocery costs. During the three weeks of the study, they received two phone calls to check in and see how their diets were going. The other half of the adults with depression received nothing and maintained their usual diet.

The group that received dietary guidance had a healthier diet and reported feeling less depressed. When researchers checked in with some of them three months later, the benefits were still present in some of them.



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