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How To Celebrate Halloween Safely During COVID-19

The Halloween holiday is among us but unfortunately, we are still in a global pandemic due to COVID-19. Halloween can still be fun while making the necessary safety adjustment. Check out a few tips to have a fun but safe 2020 Halloween holiday.

Do Activities At Home

Activities like carving pumpkins, decorating your home, and watching horror movies are a cool way to celebrate Halloween while you’re at home. If you have a back or front yard you can get even more creative with some of the things you can do.

Be Virtual

Many people are having a virtual Halloween contest for kids and adults. It’s a cool way to still celebrate, have fun, and remain safe all at the same time. Figure out some creative things you can do virtually with your friends and family.

Make Your Own Treats

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Many states in the country are strongly advising people to participate in trick or treating this year for safety reasons. But that shouldn’t stop you from satisfying your sweet tooth. Do a quick internet search to get some cool DIY ideas to make your own Halloween themed treats.

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