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How To Know Your Not Drinking Enough Water

Most people know drinking a healthy amount of water is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. But are you really drinking enough water in your daily life?

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I will give you a few signs that may indicate that you are not drinking enough water on a regular basis.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is one of the earliest signs of lack of hydration. If you find you’re in constant need of lubricating your skin, you may not be drinking enough water regularly.

Less Urinating

On average a person in good health will take about 7 to 8 trips to the bathroom in a day. If you find yourself taking less than 6 trips to the bathroom to urinate, you may be lacking in your water intake. The color of the urine should also be light yellow or clear. Darker urine is another sign of a lack of hydration.

Lack Of Sweat

Our bodies produced sweat when our bodies get overheated from active to help cool our bodies off. If our bodies can not produce sweat it can lead to a heat stroke. The lack of sweat during a high activity like working out can be a sign of not being properly hydrated.



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