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The Health Benefits Of Oats

Oats may be one of the most versatile things on the planet earth. They some health benefits that go beyond just eating them.

Digestive Support

Oats have two fibers that help our digestive system. Those fibers are called beta-glucans and water-soluble fibers. These fibers assist the small and large intestines in digesting our foods. This is one of the reasons fruit and oatmeal make a hardy and healthy breakfast.

Good For Skin Care

Oats are known to treat or assist in treating many skin conditions. The ultra-popular grain has been know to treat or cure acne, dandruff, blackheads, eczema, and more. It is common to find oats as one of the ingredients some of your favorite all-natural skin products

Helps With Sleep

According to Eli Ben-Yehuda, oatmeal is one of the best bedtime snacks. Oatmeal has prolamines that help with nervousness and anxiety. It has been known that nervousness and anxiety can keep you from getting into a deep sleep or even prevent you from getting any sleep at all.

Check out this video from Bestie of “14 Important Health Benefits Of Oats That Will Surprise You”. Check out the video below.


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